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Englische Kurzgeschichte

  • Hi an alle, wollte mal einen von meinen texten posten, hat nix mit ax zu tun, einfach nur spielerei eigentlich :D naja es is englisch, hoffentlich stört das nicht. Jegliche kritik ist willkommen!!

    She smiles. Only slightly, but clearly visible to him. He smiles back. Encouraging her. Her smile fades. “Are you not afraid?” She doesn’t answer. He wants her to cry, but she never lets him see her cry. “Maybe..” Her voice a whisper, the sound drifting off into the cold night air.
    He wonders about her. As he watches the trees bend in the wind, her hair dancing in the darkness and the moon being hid by clouds. She is so young. He wonders again. She is just standing there looking at the ocean. The cliffs are dangerous, they both are aware of the fact. The could rip the life out of a person in a matter of seconds. She knows. It scares him. Her hands in the pockets of her jacket, shielding them from the cold, her eyes reflecting nothing but darkness. The moon is hidden behind the clouds. Everything is black and blue, even her hair, that is being torn apart by the wind. He steps closer. Wants to touch her. He doesn’t. It starts to rain. The clouds disappear. Her eyes reflect the moonlight and tears. Is she crying? He wonders. Time passes, he is soaked wet and cold, she is too, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She definitely is crying. He ignores it. She does too. He looks down at his dirty sneakers, and notes that his shoelaces are open. He does not really want to be here. But he follows her. He cares. The wind blows salty water into his face, and he takes a deep breath. “Can we go?” No answer. “Please?” Still no answer. She is turned towards the sea, watching the waves, standing dangerously close to the cliffs. He lights a cigarette. Its light is glimming in the dark, and he feels better. Its calming him. He inhales the smoke, holds his breath and feels the warmth spread in his body. They were going to be all right. They were. He was sure. “I wish you wouldn’t do that.” She spoke. It makes him smile. He wants to reply, some smartass comment maybe, but her focus is back at the sea, her eyes deaf to his words. He knows her when she is like that. He hates it. It always ends bad. He lets the cigarette fall to the ground and watches as its light dies. Cold again. His head hurts. He wants to go home. She takes a step forward. Dangerous. Waves crash, water splashes into her face. He is afraid now. Please don’t. He just waits. And wonders. She waits too. Running a hand through her hair. Looks at the moon. She is going to jump, his mind screams, don’t let her. He takes a step forward, grips her arm. “Let’s go home” She doesn’t resist. He pulls her away from the cliffs. Pulls her back home. She cant leave him, he cant be on his own. They walk in silence. Avoiding. They both now it. They just cheated death. Not for the first time. He puts an arm around her. Lights a cigarette. “I wish you would stop doing that” Her voice is strong, confident. It makes him smile. He inhales the smoke. Holds his breath. And wonders.

    ENDE :D
    11. Februar 2010 19:43:44 CET