XFM-Interview mit Chris Carter (eng. Version)

First of all we would like to thank you for taking the time to answer these questions which were submitted by fans from Germany Switzerland and Austria.

How did you go about writing the new script? Where did the idea for this film and the newly invented characters come from? (Jose Chung)
20th Century Fox came to us in 2003 I think and asked if we wanted to do another X-Files movie. We (Frank Spotnitz and I) said yes and went to work on a story. We pitched that story to Fox and they liked it – so negotiations began with us and with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Then everything came to a halt over a contract dispute between me and Fox (over the TV show.) This negotiation which became a law suit took several years to resolve until last year 2007. But when it was resolved Fox again expressed a desire to make a movie and so we began to write a script. The only problem was we’d lost our original notes on the story we’d worked out! But in working out that story again we realized there were things that we needed to think about in a different way. With the passage of time – five years at that point – we needed to imagine what Mulder and Scully would have been up to – where they were in their lives. That question actually changed our approach to the story – and for the better I think.
The new characters also benefited from the passing of time particularly the role we gave to Billy Connolly. Having this time to think about our characters and story is a luxury that we weren’t used to. On the TV show we had to work at a much faster pace to make our airdates.

What was the first thing you said to David and Gillian when you met them on the first day of shooting? (LittleBlue)
As the schedule worked out David and Gillian didn’t begin filming at the same time. David’s first day was December 10th in a scene with Amanda Peet. He didn’t work with Gillian until well into the new year. However I did meet with David and Gillian in a table reading we did in October of 2007. It was the first time we’d actually been together in over five years. And it was… emotional. Just to see them and to hear them playing Mulder and Scully again. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

Was there a scene in the movie which was really hard to film? (Fightthefuture82)
The initial scene with Mulder and Scully seemed so simple on the page but with all the time that had passed and because this scene is so crucial to setting the stage for the characters and the story it was a very long tense day. Also you will see there is some delicate camera work in this scene which had a degree of technical difficulty.
Other than that scene… any scene with snow in it was hard because of course it was cold!

What was the most beautiful moment during the shooting which you will never forget? (LittleBlue)
There’s a moment near the end of the movie – not the ending itself which is also beautiful – but before that. The light is golden and… it was just a magical day. I think you’ll see what I mean.

Can you tell us about a funny blooper during filming? (TILOMAS)
There is a blooper reel or a `gag” reel on the DVD which has all the bloopers – or almost all of them. I can tell you that there was A LOT of joking around on the set particularly between Xzibit Amanda and David. They have several scenes together and they were always laughing between takes. I think David talks about some of this in his on-line blog.

During the panel at the LA Film Festival David said that you cried when he read the script together with Gillian for the first time. Why? (LittleBlue)
I think I already answered this but it was just one of those times in life where you realize how much time and emotion you’ve shared with someone. We have all been through so much together our lives have changed so much since we first met in 1993.

Will there be an unrated extended or maybe a director’s cut version on the DVD? Or maybe an audio commentary on the film by you or Frank? (Scooby83 / miffi)
Yes there will be both an extended cut on the DVD and also audio and video commentary.

What do you think where the movie will be more successful? In the United States or in Europe?
I really don’t know. We were just invited to Santiago Chile and there were fans there who very enthusiastic for the movie – and for the show. I had no idea what an impact it had made on them. I know there are people in Europe looking forward to the movie because we’ve heard from them. I’m just hoping the movie resonates with people here and everywhere. I hope people will feel it was worth the wait.

You said before that if the 2nd movie is a success (which of course we all wish!) you would like to do more. Do you already have some ideas for a second movie? Are you planning on doing more MotW-like movies or is there a chance that the mythology will be continued?(Serenity / miffi)
I think if there are more movies you can be sure we will look at the conspiracy again. And there’s that date looming out there 2012. That said we do not have a story or even plans for a third movie. We need to see how this one does first.

What would you say what character of the X-Files is most similar to you or is a little bit of Mulder and Scully in each of us? (Jose Chung)
I think that’s well put. I think no matter how much you Want To Believe each of us has a Scully in the back of our minds questioning the facts or wrestling with faith.

If an UFO kidnapped Chris Carter and the aliens allowed him to take a DVD a book and a CD with him what would it be? (Tristan Seith)
I’d have to think about that. I’m thinking Dickens Mozart and Tarantino but also David Lean Nirvana and Robert Frost.

It’s almost legendary among fans that you’re seen with your camera so often for example at the WonderCon. Is there a chance that some of these photos might appear on the DVD or are they just for your personal album? (Fightthefuture82)
Yes I think there will be a nice collection of these photos on the DVD.

Can you imagine doing a movie of a completely different genre such as a love comedy? (Snoreline)
I can imagine that. I just can’t imagine finding the time right now.

Have you seen the series "Breaking Bad" by Vince Gilligan or "Supernatural" by Eric Kripke? Do you like them? Have you ever thought about directing or writing an episode for them?
I haven’t seen either show and I’m ashamed to admit that especially about Vince’s show. I have been working too hard to finish what I started.

You are currently directing the movie "Fencewalker". Can you tell us something about this project? Is it true that the movie will be semi-autobiographical?
I don’t want to talk about this project only because I don’t know what will happen to it. It is not autobiographical I can tell you that. It does take place in a city like the one I grew up in.

Again many thanks for your time - as you can well imagine this is such a great honor for us!


Benjamin Hogh & Miriam Pracht

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